Feast on a 90 second power tour through all of Udaya Entertainment's products (most of which I was involved with). I promise you will be inspired.

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This incredible 14-disc Power Yoga program contains 12 one-hour classes, 36 pose tutorials and bonus content, taught by Rudy Mettia - one of the warmest, funniest, most knowledgeable teachers out there. A solid nine months in the making, it is a truly gorgeous product unparalleled in the market that I am very proud to have worked on and had such significant involvement with. Buy it! =)


Jules Mitchell is no ordinary yoga teacher. Not only is she a biomechanics expert (which means she knows how your body moves, and what is best for it), but she is a skilled and sensitive yoga therapist who takes traditional yoga poses to new levels with the innovative use of yoga props. In this 2-disc DVD set, Jules expertly guides you through 4 one-hour classes of her signature "Active Restoration Yoga", based on the Yapana style ("Life Supported Yoga"). If you want to improve your posture, deepen your knowledge of alignment, heal from an injury or modify your regular yoga practice, or are totally new to yoga and want to learn from the best - click here to purchase

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If you are ready, excited, or even terrified to take your yoga practice to the next level, then this DVD program is for you. Or will be, when it is released in a few months! Vytas Baskauskas is an uncompromisingly devoted teacher of yoga (and MATH, believe it or not!), with a focus on deepening your practice both physically and mentally. Meditation may just be the most advanced yoga pose, according to Vytas. I tend to agree. Please check back for links to purchase this gorgeous 8-disc set, directed by yours truly at an abandoned power plant with an amazing Bulgarian crew in the mountains above Sofia - one of the coolest cities in the world!


Elise Joan is an incredible fitness instructor, yoga teacher, on-camera talent and general inspiration. For our first 3-day shoot, she created 40 ten-minute workouts spanning 3 disciplines (yoga, fitness, ballet) that shape and tone every area of your body. Available soon online as a membership that allows you to mix and match your workouts to suit your individual needs. Get ready to sweat and shine!


DVD Box Set (8 discs)

DVD Box Set (2 discs)

CREDIT(S): Producer, Editor

Produced with Yariv Lerner of Udaya Entertainment

Shot at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

CREDIT(S): Director

Produced by Yariv Lerner of Udaya Entertainment

Shot at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

deepen your practicE with vytas baskauskas


Online Fitness Subscription & "Build-Your-Own-Workout" Matrix

CREDIT(S): Producer, Director, Editor

ACtive restoration yoga with jules mitchell

DVD Box Set (14 discs)

CREDIT(S): Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Editor, 2nd Unit Director

Produced with Yariv Lerner of Udaya Entertainment 

Shot at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Career, meet my lifestyle. lifestyle, meet my career.

YOGA WArrior 365 with rudy mettia