=  creator. Of content.

Do you need help developing an idea, solidifying it to paper, or putting the right elements together to make it happen on screen?

From development to production to post, my dedicated & downright nerdy network of professionals and I can turn that cliche dream into manifest destiny. We can write, direct, produce, shoot & edit. And we know people who also know lots of other people who do all the rest.

So we are, in essence, a full-service entertainment salad bar.

All you can eat.


I never imagined that my love of mind/body fitness, especially yoga, would intersect with my content creation career in such a significant way. But it has, and I am proud of the work I have produced, particularly with Udaya Entertainment, since October 2012. Both DVDs and online content have their place in the huge home fitness market. Please feel free to peruse and purchase, or be in touch if you're looking to produce a product!

Launching a new film, business, product, service, or event and want to get the word out? Are you acutely aware of the competition's digital footprint, cringing as you watch their funny or poignant branded videos go viral? It is essential to market yourself with memorable and eye-catching video content for today's media-hungry consumers. Having a strong and engaging online content presence is crucial. Let me help you make it so!

Stories surround and enrich and inform our lives. They can appear in many forms (which is why I've included music videos in this category) and can be told in infinite number of ways. Telling stories fulfills a fundamental need of connection and understanding between human beings. Since I'm a fan of humans, understanding each other, and stories, I hope to share many more in many forms - shorts, features, docs, commercials and even bedtime stories.

While everything these days tends to end up online at some point (whether we like it or not), new digital studios are creating content specifically made for the web that may never see TV or theatrical screens. Shorter attention spans and near-constant inter-connectivity and mobility have created a new demand: live webcasts, web series, short shorts, branded content, and constant social media engagement are, for better or worse, here to stay.




A FULL-SERvice production company