CREDIT(S): Producer, Editor     

Directed by: Garret Robinson

Written by: Brian Gaskill

Starring: Brian Gaskill, Clea Rivera

CREDIT(S): Co-Writer, Director, Editor       Produced by Thomai Hatsios

Starring: Luci (Steel) Romberg, Michael Lee Gogin, Glenn Sidwell, Paul Culos

CREDIT(S): Writer, Producer, Director, Editor

Starring: Kevin Scott Allen, Akuyoe Graham, Nay Nay Kirby

STORY IS queen. I am her servant.


CREDIT(S): Producer, Director, Editor

Starring: Megan Forrest, Mike McKee, Benjamin Butzon, Jason Goff

Barry Summers, a disheveled and disconnected middle-aged man, frantically searching the trash cans of a downtown L.A. park day after day, is drawn out of his world of perpetual lost and not-found by a group of magical street people who help him find what he is truly missing. Sometimes you've gotta lose it to find it again...



Student Film Awards:

1st Runner Up

Scene Adaptation from "Raising Arizona" by Joel & Ethan Coen (8min)

"FEEL THIS" - PHILLIP KING & Universe the harp



Short Narrative (17m)

Attempting to navigate each others mercurial emotions and layered meanings, Jonny and Julie rediscover their real joy. A voyeuristic game of jazz-like chess that begs to be seen through to the final check-mate.

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Music Video

CREDIT: Editor                Directed by Robert Lambert

Starring: Phillip King, Mike Carter, Derek Renee, Shannon Komai McClain

Made for DirecTV's 2011 3D Invitational with Panasonic and Technicolor. After pitching a panel of these companies, I was chosen as 1 of 6 filmmakers that were provided training in 3D, camera equipment, and a budget to create a short 3D film. Starring the phenomenal stuntwoman and the #1 Female Freerunner in the world, Luci (Steel) Romberg, in her acting debut.

Created as part of the 2007 Elevate Film Festival - magically shot and edited in 48 hours. It won the Audience Award for Music Video (against Alanis Morissette), and remains one of the best experiences of my career. Edited by Knives & Spoons, Executive Produced by Mikki Willis and Elevate Films. Featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Zarii Arri.

Music Video

Family/Drama/Comedy (17min)


This is a film school project that I will always be proud of, both because of the crazy adaptation I came up with, as well as for building a real log cabin on one of the school's sound stages (shhh, you're not supposed to know that). My first attempt also to dress a period set, which gave me the bug of love for art direction. Shot on the old-school Canon XL2 with the P+S Technik adapter and 35 mm lenses.

CREDIT(S): Director, Producer, Editor     

Written by: Brian Gaskill

Starring: Brian Gaskill, Leilani Wyatt

Executive Producer: Leilani Wyatt

Short Narrative (12m)


Comedy (8min) - 3D film viewed in 2D

Winner: Best Actor


A man who may not have the courage to say what he wants to say at a wedding finally lets his heart out privately at the reception.

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This is one of my favorite pieces of work as an editor. You've likely never seen anything like this artist - I sure hadn't. It's a powerful piece of narrative work as well.
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Winner: Short Comedy

CREDIT: Producer       Directed by Dave Dean

Starring: India.Arie, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Zarii Arri